FNMHF Elements

Capacity Development

Capacity development at the First Nations Market Housing Fund (the “Fund”) supports the provision of training, advice and coaching which focuses on developing market based housing capacity for qualified First Nations and members of these communities.

The purpose of the Capacity Development Program (the “Program”) is to provide support for First Nation communities which meet the criteria but have areas which need further development so as to assist them in qualifying for the Fund’s Credit Enhancement Facility (Facility). The goal is to increase and sustain First Nations’ participation in the Facility by promoting the adoption of best practices.

In year one of its operations, the Fund will work with other entities to seek possible sources of capacity building. During this time, satisfying the capacity development needs of First Nations applying to the Fund will be encouraged through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC) and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada’s (INAC) existing capacity development activities. This will be at the discretion of CMHC and INAC.

Who is eligible for the Fund’s Capacity Development Program?

A First Nation who intends to move or expand market-based housing and who applies to the Fund may be eligible to receive capacity development services, depending on the resources available. Eligibility for capacity development funding will depend on the results of the Fund’s evaluation of a community in relation to the Fund’s Access Criteria.

Who will deliver the capacity development services?

The delivery of the capacity development activities will initially be completed by external contractors.

What types of services will be delivered under the Capacity Development Program?

The capacity development services will focus on the three pillars of the Access Criteria, that is, Financial Management, Governance, and Community Commitment. The services could include support in areas such as:

  • Planning, developing and operationalizing institutional structures, legislative and regulatory regimes, policies and programs and other related elements including but not limited to: housing policies, systems, and planning; financial management policies, systems, and practices; and compliance with building codes.
  • Supporting the development of First Nation housing staff through accredited programs for housing managers, building officers, financial officers, and land managers.
  • Supporting the creation and delivery of First Nations educational sessions for home ownership, rental, or other forms of tenure (through workshops, seminars, communications collateral, etc.) which will highlight market-based housing opportunities and techniques that teach members, including Chief and Council, about all aspects of market-based housing including personal finance, budgeting and home maintenance.
  • Facilitating efforts in relation to land use developments which are supportive of market-based housing. This may include the creation or adaptation of land use by-laws, land codes, land registries, security of tenure and financing of land surveys to improve certainty of title.

How will funding from the Capacity Development Program be allocated?

First Nations selected to qualify under the Capacity Development Program will be prioritized based on the resources available and as such will be targeted to those communities closest to meeting the Fund’s Access Criteria.

The Fund’s Capacity Development Program will be participatory in nature in that the Fund will work with the First Nation to create and agree upon a Capacity Development Plan. The objectives of these plans will be specifically directed towards a community’s attainment and/or improvement of its standing in relation to one or more of the Fund’s access criteria. Supportive of this approach, the Fund will provide guidance in the choice of services and providers which are available depending on the type of capacity development needed.