Forms — First Nations

First Nation Self Assessment

The First Nation Self Assessment form is a means or tool to aid First Nations in determining their capacity to meet the Access Criteria established for the First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF).

The First Nation Self Assessment form will ask a series of questions based upon the established Access Criteria for the FNMHF. By considering each question, the First Nation may be able to identify any needs or gaps in supporting their capacity to meet the Access Criteria. By identifying any needs or gaps, the First Nation will be in a position to consider a plan to strengthen their competency in a particular area.

A First Nation who intends to move or expand market-based housing and who applies to the FNMHF may be eligible to receive capacity development services, depending on the resources available. Eligibility will depend on the results of the Fund’s evaluation of the Access Criteria under the Credit Enhancement Facility.

First Nation Application

The First Nation Application form is to be completed and submitted to the First Nations Market Housing Fund. All supporting documentation to demonstrate competency in meeting the Access Criteria should accompany the application.

If the First Nation has completed the Self Assessment form and identified an area(s) of need for capacity development, details of same should be included in Part B of the application form. A copy of the First Nation’s self assessment should also accompany the application to the FNMHF.

The Access Criteria for application to the First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF) is separated into three main areas or pillars — Financial Management; Governance; and Community Commitment.

The Access Criteria are principles-based rather than rules based. This provides more flexibility in terms of how a First Nation can demonstrate competency in a particular category. Within each of the three pillars, a principle has been established and it will be incumbent upon the First Nation to best demonstrate how it meets this principle.

To assist First Nations in completing the application form, this document provides examples of possible means to demonstrate competency in each category.

These documents are available in (PDF) format. To read and use PDF forms, you will need the free updated version of Adobe Reader available from Adobe Systems Incorporated.