Seabird Island Band

Seabird Island Band

Seabird Island First Nation is located in the upper Fraser Valley near the town of Agassiz, British Columbia. The name Seabird Island is derived from the June 1858 grounding of the paddle wheeler Sea Bird on an island in the Fraser River across from a Halq’emeylem village located at a point traditionally called Sqewqéyl, or “turn in the river.”  In 1958, Seabird Island was designated an independent band.

Today, Seabird Island is a service hub for several regional First Nations communities due to its high level of administrative capacity and quality delivery of services and programs, including health and social programs, early childhood education, employment and training services, and fire and rescue services.

The community is known for good governance and has been recognized for an innovative environmentally-sensitive housing project completed in 2004, which was designed to provide quality, affordable rental housing on-reserve. The homes have a lifespan of 100 years, over double the length of most homes on reserve.

Seabird Island First Nation exists to promote a healthier, self-sufficient, self-governing, unified and educated community. Its decisions are guided by a commitment to realize Vision 2020, a strategic multi-year plan to achieve physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and cultural balance for all members of the community.

Band leadership will use the Fund to train staff and create more home ownership and market-based housing options for their members, who are increasingly able to build and purchase homes using their own income thanks to Seabird Island’s diversified economic development activities. 

“The Seabird Island Band is looking forward to working with the First Nations Market Housing Fund on another avenue for housing. It has been needed for a long time.”
— Chief Clem Seymour (December 2010)

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