Serpent River First Nation

Serpent River First Nation

Serpent River First Nation (SRFN) — Chi Genebek Ziibing Anishinabek is an Ojibway, Odawa, and Pottawatomi community located on the north shore of Lake Huron, approximately 140 kilometers west of Sudbury — 30 kilometers south of the City of Elliot Lake. As a signatory to the Robinson – Huron Treaty of 1850, the Anishinaabe of SRFN takes seriously their Treaty responsibilities and vested interests within their traditional territory.

The community has had numerous resource development impacts over the past four decades, more so with the closed uranium mining industry.  SRFN has been a player in the forestry and fisheries sectors over the last century and continues to be involved in those sectors today.  With a total population of over 1200 citizens — 360 presently reside in the community — SRFN sees greater potential with other land use developments on-reserve, including housing. They have recently completed a new recreation centre and are working at improving their Water Treatment Facility in the community.

The community currently operates a successful gas-bar and Trading Post retail business with plans for greater employment opportunities. For example, with a fifty kilometer shoreline the SRFN Development Corporation is looking at the potential leased cottage lot development. They are also pursuing an expanded involvement in the energy sector beyond their run-of-the-river power generator within their traditional territory, and as a partner with the Lake Huron Region of Chiefs Energy Distribution Project.

Serpent River currently has an existing stock of some 155 homes with a mix of individual homeownership and rental units. The SRFN intends to use the First Nations Market Housing Fund to make it easier for its members to access housing loans on reserve, to purchase and/or renovate existing homes, and to build new homes. 

SRFN is a member of the North Shore Tribal Council and the Union of Ontario Indians.

“We are proud to provide that next step in advancing the housing goals of our Community in a manner that clearly plants another important pillar in our Nation-building exercise.”
— Chief Isadore Day, Wiindawtegowinini (December 2010)

Contact Information:

Chief Isadore Day, Wiindawtegowinini
Serpent River First Nation
195 Village Road, P.O. Box 14
Cutler, ON P0P 1B0
Ph.: 705-844-2418
Fax: 705-844-2757