Whitefish River First Nation

Whitefish River First Nation

Whitefish River First Nation (WRFN), a proud progressive and rapidly growing community of 1,200 Members of Ojibway ancestry with approximately 440 people living in the village of Birch Island. The community is located by the scenic shores of Georgian Bay and the North Shore Channel, gatekeepers to Manitoulin Island, Ontario.

Whitefish River First Nation is affiliated with the United Chiefs and Council of Mnidoo Mnising and a member of the family of First Nations that form the region encompassed by The Great Spirit Circle Trail — are known as Anishinabek — the Ojibwe, Odawa and Pottawatomi people.

For the Anishinabek who inhabit Whitefish River First Nation, Dreamer's Rock area — a tall, quartzite rock located in Whitefish River First Nation — provided an ideal site for solitary fasting. Native youth from the surrounding area were sent to the summit where they fasted and, through dreams, received powers from a "guardian spirit". The spirit would also advise them of their calling. The dreamer would interpret his dreams with help from the elders and the medicine man.

Whitefish River First Nation lands are approximately 5,600 hectares. Local wildlife is abundant and includes moose, rabbit, beaver, muskrat, mink, bobcat and lynx and an abundance of fish including northern pike, lake trout, whitefish, pickerel and bass inhabit our many lakes, rivers and streams. Large stands of birch, poplar, jack pine and cedar can be found throughout the territory.

Today it has 177 homes in the community with a mix of individual homeownership and rental units. The Whitefish River First Nation intends to use the First Nations Market Housing Fund to allow for its citizens to access housing loans on reserve, to purchase, renovate an existing home or to build new homes. 

“We are excited to see our citizens and Community keep moving forward towards healthier and harmonious families.”
— Chief Shining Turtle (July 2011)

Contact Information:

Chief Shining Turtle, Franklin Paibomsai
Whitefish River First Nation
46 Bay of Island Road
Birch Island, ON P0P 1A0
Ph.: 705-285-4335 or 285-4334
Fax: 705-285-4532
Email: chief@whitefishriver.ca
Website: http://www.whitefishriver.ca