Neskonlith Indian Band

Neskonlith Indian Band

The Neskonlith Indian Band belongs to the Secwepemc Nation, a nation whose traditional territory spans approximately 180,000 square kilometres in South-Central British Columbia. Occupying this territory, at one point, was 33 Bands. Today, however, only 17 of these bands remain. The Neskonlith Band is situated on 3 reserves centering around the area of Chase, B.C. The main administrative offices are on IR2 just south of Chase along the Thompson River and Trans-Canada highway.

The Band is a member of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council. Total registered population is 621 with 270 people on-reserve.  The Housing Department manages 130 units, and provides maintenance and public works to residents of IR 1, 2 and Switsmalph (IR#3) in Salmon Arm.

Chief Judy Wilson says housing has been stalled for First Nations in Canada for some time now. Neskonlith is seeking new housing opportunities to address these gaps and plans to use the Fund to facilitate housing loans for home ownership and renovation on its lands.  It also plans to do some rental housing in the future.  Neskonlith will use the Fund's capacity building to increase the technical skills of staff including the housing, finance and public works areas.  The market-based housing funds will assist in policy development, training and management which are a cornerstone to managing housing programs. Neskonlith Band Chief and Council have been working on this initiative for a few years now to provide opportunities for residential housing gaps.

The Neskonlith Band Council is excited about this new program and looks forward to engaging in the process this fall. Not only can Neskonlith look at constructing new homes for band members, and address housing gaps, we can use our own Eco-Homes to build units and provide capacity building within the Band.
— Chief Judy Wilson (July 2012)

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Neskonlith Indian Band
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