Adams Lake Indian Band

Adams Lake Indian Band

Sexqeltqin, also known as the Adams Lake Indian Band (ALIB), is one of the 17 Bands recognized within the Secwepemc territory and is part of the Shuswap Nation Tribal Council. ALIB has over 700 members, with more than half living on reserve lands. Hustalen, Sahhaltkum, Squaam, Stequmwhulpa, Switsemalph, Switsemalph, and Toops are the seven reserves that make up ALIB, and extend from the Village of Chase to the District of Salmon Arm in British Columbia. The combined acreage of the seven reserves provides ALIB with approximately 7,271 acres.

ALIB supplies its residents with water, sewer, and power services, and has a number of certified water operators and journeymen employed by the Band. ALIB also operates a Volunteer Fire Department stationed on the Sahhaltkum reserve, providing fire protection services there and to some neighbouring communities.

An ALIB Housing Committee, made up of seven elected band members, is mandated with directing and overseeing the safe and effective delivery and operation of all on-reserve housing. The work of the Housing Committee is guided by approved ALIB Housing policies.

The Housing Department in ALIB is tasked with administering the day to day operations of the housing program such as maintenance, repairs, and leasing. There are approximately 130 housing units in ALIB, with over 60 privately owned homes and 9 Band-owned rental units.

Adams Lake plans to use the backing of the Fund to increase homeownership opportunities for their members, including renovation loans.

“Adams Lake Indian Band welcomes the opportunity to work with the First Nations Market Housing Fund. This initiative provides Adams Lake with home ownership opportunities for our members to meet the growing demand for on reserve housing, while allowing us to enhance our administrative and policy capacity to manage a successful housing program.”
— Chief Nelson Leon (December 2013)

Contact Information:

Maryann Yarama, Public Works, Housing and Capital Manager
Adams Lake Indian Band
PO Box 588
Chase, British Columbia
V0E 1M0
Phone: 250-679-8841
Fax: 250-679-8813