Flying Dust First Nation

Flying Dust First Nation

Flying Dust First Nation is located some 300 km northwest of Saskatoon. It is accessible via Highway 55, a vital access route for northern Saskatchewan communities. Flying Dust is comprised of seven land parcels that cover more than 20 thousand acres in the heart of some of the most fertile prairie farmland.

Most homes and administration offices are located on First Nation bordering the City of Meadow Lake. The current population of Flying Dust is 1,150 with 690 members residing in the community.

In June 2013, citizens overwhelmingly supported a deal that would see the Nation establish its own law making powers over its reserve lands, resources and the environment through the First Nation Land Management Act. Flying Dust will have authority to create its own system for reserve land allotment to individual First Nation citizens and deal with property interests or rights.

As part of its comprehensive community plan, Flying Dust is developing a joint venture of a commercial subdivision within the city limits of Meadow Lake through treaty land entitlement. Flying Dust’s housing program intends to make homeownership possible for its citizens by selling and or transferring band owned units and rentals, utilizing the First Nations Market Housing Fund.

“The Flying Dust First Nation (FDFN) is pleased today with the announcement for approval to partner with the First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF). We look forward to working with the FNMHF as we establish and develop a more effective approach to address our FDFN members’ housing needs. By utilizing the Credit Enhancement, the FDFN will be able to access more borrowing opportunities for our members and provide a more governed approach to home ownership. With the Capacity Development program, the FDFN intends to utilize the program to its full extent. By developing capacity for your lands and your people; you are taking a positive step forward and investing in your most valuable resources and building a solid foundation for the future.”
— Chief Robert Merasty (December 2013)

Contact Information:

Albert Derocher, Director of Housing and Economic Development
Flying Dust First Nation
8001 Flying Dust Reserve
Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan
S9X 1T8
Phone: 306-236-4437
Fax: 306-236-3373