Upper Nicola Indian Band

Upper Nicola Indian Band

The Upper Nicola Band (UNB) is one of seven bands that belong to the Syilx (Okanagan) Nation. Existence of UNB Members dates back to the 18th century and the Fish Lake Accord, which established the rights of Chief Pelkamulox and his people (known today as UNB) to  occupy what is now the northwestern portion of the Syilx territory. The UNB is also affiliated with the Nicola Tribal Council, which also includes 6 Nlaka’pamux Nation Bands. There are approximately 16 main family groups within the UNB. The traditional language is Nsyilxn. Many community members still carry out traditional activities, particularly fishing and hunting and other food gathering.

The major employer on reserve is the UNB. Many members also earn their livelihood through agriculture and forest related activities. Other members travel to other nearby areas to secure employment. The UNB has created the Upper Nicola Indian Band Corporation, as a first step to separate business enterprises from governance.

The UNB membership is currently approximately 970 with approximately fifty percent of members residing in the community. The UNB housing portfolio consists of approximately 122 housing units. UNB and is partnering with the First Nations Market Housing Fund to help meet the need for new homes and renovations.

“Upper Nicola Band is excited to be moving forward with capacity development and the roll out of our market-based home ownership initiative.”
— Chief Harvey McLeod (December 2014)

Contact Information:

Collette Manuel, Band Administrator
Upper Nicola Indian Band
2225 Village Road
Douglas Lake, British Columbia
V1K 1B8
Phone: 250-350-3342
Fax: 250-350-3311
Email: admin@uppernicola.com
Website: http://uppernicola.com/