Skwah First Nation

Skwah First Nation

The Skwah First Nation is located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. Its 885 hectares of reserve lands are situated in close proximity to its traditional territory, which is now known as the Five Corners in downtown Chilliwack.

The Skwah First Nation is made up of four separate reserves, including Schelowat 1, Skwahla 2, Skwali 3 and Skwah 4 with undivided interests in other jointly held reserves Skumalasph 16, Pekw'xe:yles  and Grass Indian 15. Skwah #4 is the main reserve where the community is located.

Approximately 240 of the 506 Skwah First Nation members live in the vibrant community and enjoy a mix of agricultural and residential land. As an urban reserve, Skwah First Nation members have access to a number of employment opportunities such as government and retail services, as well as the Band office, and Sto:lo Nation program and services. Fishing and canoe races are also a large part of life at Skwah First Nation as the main reserve is located on the Hope Slough, allowing direct access to the Fraser River.

Housing in Skwah First Nation consists of 64 Band-owned and privately-owned homes. Skwah First Nation plans to offer homeownership and rental opportunities, including renovations to its members with loans backed by the Fund.

“We are so happy to be a part of the Fund. We have many members who have wanted to come home for the longest time, including in my own family, and the Fund will help provide opportunities for these members that did not exist before. We look forward to working closely with the Fund to grow our capacity to bring our Nation into a more economically prosperous era.”
— Chief Robert Coombes (July 2015)

Contact Information:

Lory Oberst
Housing Manager
Skwah First Nation
P.O. Box 178
Chilliwack, British Columbia
V2P 6H7
Phone: 604-792-9204
Fax: 604-792-1093