Kwanlin Dün First Nation

Kwanlin Dün First Nation

Kwanlin Dün (KDFN) is a self-governing Yukon First Nation with settlement land within its traditional territory in and around Whitehorse, Yukon. Its citizenship consists of 1,000-plus citizens who are descendants of First Nations people from many parts of Yukon and Alaska. They have occupied the land and thrived along the Yukon River for generations. The majority of citizens live in the Whitehorse area, with others situated across Canada, Alaska and the world. The name Kwanlin means “water running through canyon”, referring to the flow from Miles Canyon to the Whitehorse rapids.

As part of its Final Agreement, Kwanlin Dün received 1,041.5 square kilometres of settlement land within its traditional territory, which encompasses the Yukon's capital and economic heartland. KDFN is the largest landowner within the City of Whitehorse. Nearly 75 percent of the Yukon's total population lives within KDFN's traditional territory, thus creating significant opportunities for Kwanlin Dün to become a leader, particularly through housing development.

KDFN is one of the first Canadian urban First Nations to sign Final and Self-Government Agreements. The government recently celebrated a 10-year milestone as a self-governing First Nation. The Kwanlin Dün government has worked diligently on building its internal capacity to manage the challenges and opportunities created through its Final and Self-Government Agreements. Successfully implementing the agreements is for the well-being of all citizens and is creating a revival of Kwanlin Dün First Nation traditions, culture and way of life.

Among its current housing portfolio, the Government of Kwanlin Dün manages a diverse housing stock with approximately 235 rental properties with tenant leases; there are also a few privately owned homes built by citizens. With the backing of the First Nations Market Housing Fund, KDFN has potential to expand homeownership options that will enable its citizens to renovate, rent-to-own, purchase, or develop new homes on its settlement lands.

“Kwanlin Dün’s goal is that every citizen who wants to own or rent a home can. Our partnership in the First Nation Market Housing Fund provides additional homeownership options for our citizens to obtain greater self-sufficiency. The Fund provides flexibility for citizens that qualify an alternative to other financial institutions at reasonable rates and an opportunity for citizens to increase their personal financial management literacy.”
— Chief Doris Bill (December 2015)

Contact Information:

Marie-Louise Boylan, Communications Manager
Kwanlin Dün First Nation
35 McIntyre Drive
Whitehorse (Yukon)
Y1A 5A5
Phone: 867-633-7835
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