Wahta Mohawks

Wahta Mohawks

The Wahta Mohawk Nation is one of eight First Nations that make up the Iroquois Confederacy; it is recognized as the Eastern Door. The Wahta community was founded when a group of the Mohawk people moved from Kanesatake, Oka, Quebec to Gibson Township in 1881. The Wahta Mohawks are mainly descended from Mohawks who were members of the Five Nations confederacy, which also included the Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca. When the Tuscarora joined in the in the early 1700’s they became the Six Nations Confederacy. The Confederacy still exists and the People continue to refer to themselves as Haudenosaunee or People of the Longhouse.

Wahta is located approximately eight kilometres from the town of Bala, Ontario and consists of two reserves: Indian River and Wahta Mohawk Territory. The total land base is approximately 14,795 acres of land. Wahta has successfully negotiated additions to the reserve, part of which is located close to the intersection of Muskoka Rd 38 and the Hwy 400 interchange. This will provide the community with significant economic development opportunities in the near future. In addition, there are 21 member or band-owned businesses operating within the community.

Wahta has a membership of almost 750, with 175 individuals living in the community. The Nation plans to work with the First Nations Market Housing Fund to expand options for homeownership, as well as provide some additional rental housing on the territory.

“We are pleased that our members now have more options for home ownership and home improvement in our community through the First Nations Market Housing Fund. Our governance in the area of housing will improve through new and upgraded housing policy and procedures with the goal to make it easier for community members to access housing purchases and housing upgrades. This also creates an opportunity for the existence of a housing market where members can more easily buy and sell houses within the community.

We look forward to capacity development initiatives that will benefit our staff and community as a whole. We welcome this new housing initiative to Wahta Mohawks.” — Chief Philip Franks, Wahta Mohawks​ (July 2017)

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Wahta Mohawks
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