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Kispiox Band

Kispiox Band is situated within the Gitksan Territory fifteen kilometres on the Kispiox Valley Road north of Hazelton at the junction of the Kispiox and Skeena Rivers. The size of the community is 1650 acres. Kispiox is surrounded by mountains and rivers which create a spectacular landscape that is breathtaking.

Anspayaxw translates to "People of the Hiding Place", the community of Kispiox is one of six ancient Gitksan communities which exist today in the area. Kispiox is estimated to be about 3,000 years old, having existed, like several other villages, since the time the population was dispersed from the ancient city of Txemlax’amid by a disaster. Archaeological and oral history evidence indicate that the Gitksan occupied the valley of the Ksan or Skeena River following the last ice age about 10,000 years ago. Villages have been found and abandoned throughout Gitksan history. The last two villages to relocate were Kuldo’o and Gisga’g’as; they moved to Kispiox and Gitanmaax. Today, there are 7 First Nation communities within Gitksan territory.

Kispiox Band is governed by an elected body consisting of nine Councillors and one Chief Councillor. The Kispiox Band Office staff consists of fifteen permanent full-time employees, two machine operators, casual laborer’s and seasonal sylvicultural crews.

Kispiox Band has a total membership of 1,646 members as of May 31, 2018 – 584 reside on-reserve and 1,062 members reside off-reserve.

“On behalf of Kispiox Band, I am grateful for all of the work that the staff of FNMHF have carried out thus far. Having been assessed and approved for Credit Enhancement is very beneficial to the community. Partnering with the First Nations Market Housing Fund has increased accessibility to lower interest rates from the various banking institutes associated with this FNMHF program.

The on-going support through the Capacity Development program that is offered through the FNMHF, for the development of staff and council has been an excellent opportunity to increase the skills, knowledge, and autonomy of the Kispiox Band.”
Chief Louise Johnson (July 2018)

Contact Information:

Keith Morgan, Bgs.
Kispiox Band Manager
1336 Kispiox Valley Road
Kispiox, BC
V0J 1Y4
Phone: 250-842-5248 Ext: 103
Fax: 250-842-5604