Dear Valued Members and Stakeholders,

Welcome to our first edition of Foundations, the First Nations Market Housing Fund’s quarterly newsletter. I am thrilled to reach out to you today as the newly appointed CEO of the Fund. It is with great honour that I take on this role, marking an important milestone in the Fund’s history.

I am delighted to share some exciting updates that reflect our continued evolution and dedication to serving First Nations. First, we are thrilled to announce our official rebranding, which includes a fresh new logo and a modernized visual identity. This rebranding captures our spirit of progress, innovation, and empowerment of our First Nations communities.

Accompanying our rebranding is the launch of our new website, which took place in June of this year. The new website is designed to provide an enhanced user experience and easier access to information and resources. We understand the importance of efficient communication, and our revamped website will serve as a central hub for our members to explore our services, access documents from the Fund, and stay updated on the latest news and developments.

Another change we are proud to announce is the transformation of our staff into a nationwide team. This shift reflects our commitment to tailoring our service by region so that we can better understand and address the unique needs and aspirations of First Nations communities across different regions in Canada. Since January of this year, we have added four new employees to our Programs and Services area. We now have staff who work in Membertou, NS; Saskatoon, SK; West Vancouver, B.C; and Gibsons, B.C.

Additionally, I am thrilled to share that we have some new Trustees. Amy Comegan, Earl Commanda and Walter Schneider are the three new trustees who have been appointed to our national Board. In addition, we have three trustees with terms expiring in 2023 who have agreed to seek re-appointments. We are grateful for the wisdom, dedication, and vision that our Board members bring to the table.

In the spirit of progress and growth, we are expanding our range of products and services to better meet the evolving needs of our members. We have been diligently working on new initiatives that will provide innovative financing options, technical assistance, and capacity-building support. These new offerings will empower First Nations communities to overcome barriers, pursue attainable housing solutions, and create vibrant, thriving communities.

As we embark on this new chapter, I want to express my gratitude for your ongoing support and partnership. Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones, and I am confident that the future holds even greater promise. With the dedication and collective wisdom of our staff, Board, and stakeholders, we will continue to foster positive change, promote homeownership, and empower our communities.

I invite you to stay engaged with us, explore our new website, and connect with our team to learn more about the exciting opportunities and resources that lie ahead. The Fund is fully committed to serving and helping the First Nation communities to prosper through First Nation homeownership. We look forward to walking this path together, supporting your goals, and building a brighter future for all.

Wishing you all continued success and prosperity.


Travis Seymour, FCPA, FCGA, MBA, CAFM

CEO, First Nations Market Housing Fund