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Fund Partners

First Nations Partners

First Nations are essential partners for the Fund. Since the Fund’s beginning in 2008, we’ve been working with First Nation communities to help deliver homes for their members. We have invested millions of dollars in capacity-building programs to ensure that our partners are ready to take on the tasks associated with securing loans for their member’s homeownership and home-upgrading plans.

Participating Lenders

This is a list of institutions that have stepped up to put their money to the cause of economic reconciliation – while still making profits. First Nations back-stop the loans made to their citizens, and the Fund back-stops the First Nations. This gives lenders the certainty they need to lend on First Nations lands where legislation complicates a traditional mortgage relationship.

We are proud of the lenders who have stepped forward to fill this important role.


Allied Organizations

Providing adequate and appropriate housing for First Nations is an enormous task. There is an estimated $60 billion need in Indigenous housing, and First Nations communities continue to lag behind the rest of Canada.

Homeownership for First Nations people is part of the solution, but not the only solution. We work with other experts in First Nations housing to work out how we can best help chip away at the housing deficit on our lands. Here are some of the organizations leading the way.