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Transforming the Fund

About the Fund

The Fund was formed in 2008 to respond to the enormous need for housing in First Nations communities. Families in our communities need a range of housing options, from shelters to rentals to private homes.

Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees is composed of First Nations people with an understanding of housing issues and a passion for improving homeownership on First Nations lands. Current board members have already begun the transformation of the Fund, to make it more independent and responsive to the needs of First Nations governments and people.

Our Team

Our professional team is here to help put First Nations people on the path to homeownership, with the help of partners and lenders.


These documents provide more detail about what we’ve done, and what we are doing to promote First Nations homeownership.

Responsible Investing

The Fund invests responsibly to protect capital and ensure we can afford to meet our mandate, but we also invest to align with First Nations values. For instance, we invest in First Nations Finance Authority Bonds, and are members of the Values in Action Engagement Program that helps investors engage with companies on improving their performance in matters important to Indigenous peoples.