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About the First Nations Market Housing Fund

The Fund was formed in 2008 to respond to the enormous need for housing in First Nations communities. Families in our communities need a range of housing options, from shelters to rentals to private homes.

Homeownership is what the Fund promotes. Efforts to address the housing shortage and support nation-building must include First Nations people who wish to own homes in their communities. We’re here to help address the many challenges to First Nations home ownership.

So far, the Fund has leveraged over $1 billion to support an estimated 7,000 home loans to purchase, build or renovate a home. The Fund has backed over 500 loans and is determined to see more homes on the ground in our communities. 

To meet our goal of increasing homeownership on First Nations lands, we need changes in products and services at the Fund and the authority to make those changes. The Board of Trustees is pursuing transformational reforms to revitalize and strengthen the Fund so that we can offer additional products and services that will enable homeownership to become a reality sooner for those who want it. We are making the Fund more independent and more responsive to First Nations. In the interim, we are working with more than 40% of the First Nations in Canada, delivering our two existing products – credit enhancement and capacity development – to reach their goals, one home at a time.

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