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About the First Nations Market Housing Fund

The First Nations Market Housing Fund (“the Fund”) is dedicated to empowering First Nations communities across Canada by providing the tools needed to secure homeownership on reserve lands. We believe that homeownership can significantly improve housing challenges in on-reserve communities.

Many First Nations leaders want to make homeownership attainable to expand options beyond social housing. However, the complex preparations needed to establish a successful homeownership program are often a major obstacle. This is where the Fund comes in – we provide crucial support in overcoming these obstacles.

Our Vision

First Nation Prosperity Through Homeownership

Our Mission

Provide Pathways to Homeownership for First Nations people

Our Mandate

Supply Access to Financing for Loan-based Housing in First Nations Communities

We help create the capacity in First Nations communities to support and sustain loan-based housing programs, thereby contributing to the social welfare and civic improvements of First Nations communities and their residents. The overall goal is to promote a system in which First Nations residents have the same housing opportunities on communally held lands – reserve, settlement, or lands set aside – as mainstream Canadians have in their communities.

Our Approach

We are guided by the unique traditional values and governance structures of each community we serve. The values of the Fund are the seven sacred teachings:

Love, Humility, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, and Truth.

In its 15th year, the Fund is active in 41% of all First Nations communities in Canada. Its most impactful contribution is capacity development support, empowering First Nations to enhance their institutional capabilities for successful homeownership.

The Fund currently operates with a two-pronged model:

Capacity Development

Aims to help First National qualify for Credit Enhancement

Credit Enhancement

Guarantees housing loans if the First Nation meets specified criteria.

Our success is measured by the number of homes built through Credit Enhancement, mainly through Fund-backed loans.

To increase homeownership on reserve lands, we are improving our products and services and have assembled an Indigenous-led team to be more responsive to First Nations. Our Board of Trustees is pursuing transformational reforms to revitalize and strengthen the Fund to expand our services to make homeownership a reality sooner for those who want it.

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