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Responsible Investing

The Fund invests responsibly to protect capital and ensure we can afford to meet our mandate, but we also invest to align with First Nations values. For instance, we invest in First Nations Finance Authority Bonds, and are members of the Values in Action Engagement Program that helps investors engage with companies on improving their performance in matters important to Indigenous peoples.

FNMHF’s Seven Organizational Values

All work at FNMHF must be done in line with the organization’s values:


We acknowledge that broad solutions are needed for the housing realities that Indigenous Peoples face on a daily basis and that loan-based housing is only one part of the solution.


We know when to listen, learn, advocate, collaborate, and innovate.


We are clear about our focus on loan-based housing, our ability to support other housing needs of Indigenous Peoples, and our willingness to be accountable.


We are willing to do our part to decolonize, engage in reconciliation, promote the changes necessary to increase loan-based home ownership, and celebrate success.


We work at the pace of each First Nation, respond to their diversity, and care for the communal nature of the land.


We remain open to new ideas that help us better fulfill our mission and responsibilities.


We are committed to addressing the needs and interests of First Nations individuals, families, communities, and Nations in safe and sustainable ways

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