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What We Offer – Capacity Development

What is Capacity Development?

The Capacity Development Program provides training, advice, and coaching to improve market-based housing skills for eligible First Nations and their members.

It aims to help First Nation communities that meet the criteria but need additional development in specific areas to qualify for the Fund’s Credit Enhancement Facility.

The goal is to increase and maintain the participation of First Nations in the Facility by promoting the adoption of best practices.


Depending on the available resources, a First Nation looking to expand market-based housing and applying to the Fund might qualify for the Capacity Development Program. Eligibility for capacity development funding will be decided by the Fund’s assessment of a community against the Fund’s Access Criteria.

What types of services are delivered under the Program?

Services within the Capacity Development Program will focus on the three pillars of the Access Criteria.

Financial Management  ·  Governance  ·  Community Commitment

These services may include support in various areas, such as:

Planning, Development, and Operationalization

  • Establishing institutional structures, legislative and regulatory regimes, policies, and programs.
  • Addressing elements like housing policies, systems, and planning.
  • Implementing financial management policies, systems, and practices.
  • Ensuring compliance with building codes.

Staff Development

  • Supporting the development of First Nation housing staff through accredited programs.
  • Targeting roles such as housing managers, building officers, financial officers, and land managers.

Educational Sessions

  • Creating and delivering educational sessions for First Nations on home ownership, rental, or other tenure forms.
  • Conducting workshops and seminars and developing communication materials to highlight market-based housing opportunities.
  • Providing education on personal finance, budgeting, and home maintenance for members, including the Chief and Council.

Land Use Developments

  • Facilitating efforts related to land use developments that support market-based housing.
  • Creating or adapting land use by-laws, land codes, and land registries and ensuring the security of tenure.
  • Addressing financing of land surveys to enhance certainty of title.

How is funding from the Program allocated?

Funding from the Capacity Development Program will be given first to First Nations closest to meeting the Fund’s Access Criteria, considering the available resources.

The Program involves working with the chosen First Nation to create a Capacity Development Plan. This plan will set clear goals to help the community better meet the Fund’s access criteria. The Fund will guide the selection of services and providers, focusing on the specific capacity development needs identified by the First Nation.

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