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We are glad you are considering becoming a lender partner. Lenders making applications to the First Nation Market Housing Fund must be incorporated under the Canadian federal, provincial or territorial law, or be regulated as a Financial Institution in Canada under the Bank Act, Trust and Loan Companies Act, Insurance Companies Act, Cooperative Credit Associations Act or equivalent provincial legislation.

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Principal Address
Business Address (if different than above)

Contact Information

Lender approved by a residential loan-default insurer in Canada

Identify limitations and/or restrictions, if any

The applicant must provide the First Nations Market Housing Fund with evidence of such approval(s).

Application and Authorization

The applicant hereby applies to be accepted as a lender in the Credit Enhancement Facility.

The applicant certifies that the information disclosed in this application (including documents submitted with the application) is true and accurate and agrees to provide other supporting information as required.

The applicant agrees and consents that information may be obtained and inquiries may be made by or on behalf of the Fund at any time in connection with the Credit Enhancement Facility eligibility hereby applied for including, without limitation, credit inquiries, inquiries with regulatory and government agencies, loan insurer(s) of residential mortgages referenced above, and both before and after any approval of this application.

The applicant agrees to execute a Credit Enhancement Agreement(s) to participate in the credit enhancement program.

By signing, the applicant agrees to become familiar with the terms and conditions outlined in the Loan Agreement (and any other agreements) and any communications, notices or advices for financial institutions participating in the First Nations Market Housing Fund relating to credit enhancement, and underwrite and administer on-reserve housing loans, in accordance with normal and prudent lending practices.

The applicant certifies that they have the legal authority to bind the financial institution.

Clear Signature

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