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Exploring Resources for Indigenous Housing Providers

A valuable resource is available that can significantly contribute to the enhancement of Indigenous housing initiatives. Prepared by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), this comprehensive set of resources is specifically designed for Indigenous housing providers.

CMHC’s Resources for Indigenous Housing Providers

Navigating the landscape of housing development and management is a crucial aspect of community growth, and this collection of resources aims to empower Indigenous housing providers with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

What you’ll find in the resource link:

  • Working with First Nation Communities
  • Developing and managing Indigenous housing
  • Funding for Indigenous housing
  • Hiring Indigenous youth for housing internships
  • Indigenous Skills Training Program
  • Keeper of My Home learning resource
  • Financial literacy workshops
  • Collaborative research with Indigenous partners
  • COVID-19: loan payment deferrals for Indigenous clients

CMHC Resources

for Indigenous housing providers

Why this matters

By fostering collaboration and sharing resources, we strengthen our collective ability to create sustainable, culturally sensitive housing solutions that meet the unique needs of our communities.

Spread the word

Feel free to share this resource link within your network and among community members. Together, let’s amplify our impact in building vibrant, resilient, and thriving Indigenous housing initiatives.