OTTAWA ON, JANUARY 25, 2024 — The First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA) and the First Nations Market Housing Fund (FNMHF) proudly announce the signing of a Groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) marking a pivotal moment in their shared commitment to advancing First Nations housing capacity and professionalism.

Since their inception, FNHPA and FNMHF have consistently supported each other’s endeavors. FNHPA is dedicated to exploring housing options for First Nations communities and emphasizes the importance of comprehensive education on all levels of residency, including homeownership. Concurrently, FNMHF recognizes the critical need for additional resource products and services including education, training, and capacity development within Housing departments to provide robust support for homeownership and successful tenancy.

With this MOU, the FNHPA and the FNMHF are able to strategically build upon their alliance, realizing the collaborative potential to address the distinct needs of their respective target audiences. FNMHF directs its efforts toward individual homeowners and First Nation leadership, while FNHPA concentrates on housing staff, aiming to streamline efforts in promoting initiatives to both individuals and leadership. The MOU outlines a framework for mutual support and collaboration as both organizations chart their path forward. The collective goal is to enhance community skills and contribute to sustainable, innovative housing practices.

Candace Bennett, Executive Director of FNHPA, expresses her enthusiasm for the strategic partnership: “This MOU represents a significant step forward for both FNHPA and FNMHF. By aligning our efforts, we can better serve our communities and empower them with the knowledge and resources needed for sustainable homeownership. Together, we are building a foundation for positive, lasting change.”

Travis Seymour, CEO of the First Nations Market Housing Fund, echoes this sentiment: “We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with the First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA). This MOU signifies a powerful commitment to collaborative efforts aimed at improving housing professionalism and enhancing institutional structures of First Nations housing. Over the long term, this is a positive step which will enable more First Nation members to own or rent their own homes.”

Michael Rice, Chair of the First Nations Market Housing Fund, further emphasizes the collaborative spirit of the partnership: “As Chair of the First Nations Market Housing Fund, I am honoured to see our organization formalize this partnership with the First Nations Housing Professionals Association (FNHPA). Together, we embark on a journey to strengthen the foundations of First Nations housing, promoting innovation, knowledge exchange, and community-driven solutions. This MOU reflects our shared commitment to fostering sustainable, innovative housing practices. By pooling our expertise and resources, we are confident that this collaboration will make a lasting impact on the lives of First Nations individuals and families.”

The FNHPA and FNMHF anticipate that this strategic partnership will set a precedent for future collaborations, empowering First Nation communities, and contributing to the overall improvement of housing conditions.

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